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Movement and wellbeing complement each other – Perfectly!

Movement and wellbeing complement each other – Perfectly!

 Movement and wellbeing complement each other – perfectly!

Sometimes we need to just take a break, walk away from our desks, and clear our heads. We’ve all been there and will undoubtedly be there again. This is a perfect example of how movement and well being work hand in hand. According to an article published by Mental Health in the Workplace, when we move we are aiding mental clarity, concentration and memory.

Take a walk (movement) to clear your head (wellbeing)

Using movement to improve our sense of wellbeing doesn’t have to include strenuous gym routines or 10km running sessions. Although these activities will be extremely beneficial. It is well known that walking and exercise are instrumental in overcoming depression. By simply moving our bodies, getting the blood flowing, and breathing in some fresh air for a while, we’ll start to feel more alert and more energised.

Movement and wellbeing

Think Wellbeing and the Runners High

For a lot of us there is nothing better than that feeling we get after we’ve been for a good run. For some, that’s only a quick jog around the block, while for others it’s a mini marathon before work. Either way, while we are jogging our bodies release endorphins. These feel-good hormones aid the body with pain relief and provide a general feeling of wellbeing.

The health benefits of movement

Physical and mental health are closely connected – healthy body, healthy mind. So, keep your body active and your mind will also reap the benefits. Some of the benefits of movement include:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Healthier metabolism
  • Better moods
  • Produce Endorphins
  • A fitter body means more active fun
movement and wellbeing

The cycle of movement and wellbeing

Our bodies were built to move and were not designed to be seated all day long. Sitting is for resting. When we move our energy levels increase, our circulation improves, and our sugar levels are balanced out. By moving, even a little more than usual, during the day we are able to manage stress a little better, our sleep patterns will improve, and our mood is elevated. The better and more energised we feel, the more we will want to move.

You can find out more about the benefits of movement from the NHS website. Make sure to regularly visit our social pages and website for tips on how to get moving and increase your wellbeing.



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