Why Standing Desks?

Stan 1 vs Stan 2

Which standing desk suits you better?

Let HumbleWorks help you decide.

Stan 1 Stan 2


For laptops with

  • screens of up to 15''
  • a total weight of up to 5Kg


For desktops with

  • screens of up to 27''
  • a total weight of up to 10Kg


  • 72cm
  • different slots of the body structure
  • adjustable height


  • 73cm
  • different slots of the body structure
  • adjustable height


  • desk footprint: 31x47cm
  • length: 49cm/59cm
  • width: 44cm/47cm
  • upper shelf: 40x22cm
  • lower shelf: 48x21cm


  • area of 57x60cm
  • desk footprint: 37x50cm
  • length: 59cm/63cm
  • width: 61cm
  • upper shelf: 57x27cm
  • lower shelf: 62x32cm


Wider shelf than regular suitbale for

  • large keyboard
  • 59cm


Wider shelf than Stan 1, suitable for

  • 2 small screens/iMac
  • dual monitors
  • wider keyboard


  • 18mm birch plywood
  • cantilever mechanism for balance


  • 24mm birch plywood
  • cantilever mechanism for balance



The perfect height

Why should you care about standing?

  • The traditional combination desk & chair, coupled with sitting down for 8 to 10 hours a day increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer.


  • But, if you work standing up, you'll avoid these risks while boosting your energy levels, reducing anxiety and improving your performance.

Create the ideal posture

Our stand up desks are adjustable, keeping you upright and your screen at eye-level at all times.

Now you can steer clear of Upper Crossed Syndrome, face your screen with your chin up, and assume your true Power Stance.

Take a stand today


Go the distance

Standing up while you work will lift your mood and optimise your performance by allowing oxigen-rich blood to flow to the areas of your brain that release endorphins, serotonim, and make you feel good.


Feel good all day

Sitting down a lot will lead to Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome which will damage your posture, hinder your long term mobility, and could leave you with a chronic hunch.


You are built to stand

Your hunter-gatherer ancestors rarely sat down.

Over thousands of years, our bodies evolved for precise vertical movement. And, it’s only in the past 200 years that we’ve been sitting down, excessively. For us, sitting down is a little like zero gravity which means bones can degenerate and fatty tissues will build up.

Standing up while you’re working will reverse these effects, keeping you slim, healthy, and firing on all cylinders.

Minimalist, portable design

HumbleWorks standing desks have a signature minimalist hourglass design that’s lightweight, easy to set up and put down, transportable, and built to be comfortable and boost your productivity.

Planet Friendly

With Humbleworks, improving your Health & Wellbeing while increasing your work performance doesn’t come at the cost of the planet. We are plastic-free, we work with sustainable materials, and we make products that are built to last a lifetime.


Thank you!