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Flagship - Stan1

The Original Standing Desk Converter born in 2015

Stan 1 Birch

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Join the standing revolution

Stan1 is HumbleWorks flagship standing desk



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Backed by Science

The Preference for Quick Fixes: An Exploration of Societal and Psychological Dynamics

In the pursuit of health and wellness, there’s a simpler, more sustainable solution often overlooked: ergonomic furniture. Standing desks, for instance, promote long-term health by encouraging movement and improving posture....

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Think Your Desk Job Is Safe? Save Yourself with N.E.A.T.

You're working hard, but your health isn't keeping up, just like millions of other Britons (BBC). The reality is that a sedentary workday can lead to serious health issues, including...

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Can a Standing Desk Save Your Life? New Research Suggests Yes

In today's work environment, BBC confirms that many people suffer from back pain due to prolonged sitting. Recent studies have shown that sitting for extended periods can lead to serious...

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