Why HumbleWorks?

HumbleWorks has a dual meaning in that being humble makes us more personal and accessible to our community that we wish to serve and the range we create, i.e., our work or the products we produce are humble in nature as we strive for clean, minimalist design concepts.

Why we chose to work with Wood?

Wood is warm, it's natural and it is far more sustainable than metal or most polymers.

Is the natural material we use 100% perfect?

We celebrate natural material like wood. It's warm and slightly imperfect character resonates with our HumbleWorks brand, as opposed to pieces mass produced made from plastic, metals or glass.

Our products are designed to last. We are high demand quality with design and pay attention to every last detail, and this includes our selection of materials.

Some pieces may contain patches, which is typical for this wood type. Returns are not accepted due to patches. Flawed pieces are assigned to "Perfectly Imperfect.

Our fabrication process?

As we strive to source everything local we work with a process that includes rapid prototyping and CNC cutting with local manufacturers.

Want to adjust your desk and screen?

Correct desk height and computer screen position are fundamental for improving comfort and minimising injury risk in the office. To begin, set your standing desk at about elbow height. Your elbows should be in a 90-degree position from the floor.

As a guide, the average 5’11” (180 cm) person would have their desk about 44 inches (111 cm) high.

Recommendations for screen position are not black and white, but the consensus is to have it 20–28 inches (51–71 cm) from your face.

As a quick reference, the distance should be no less than from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow.

The top of your screen should be eye level, with a small upwards tilt of between 10 and 20 degrees. The idea is that you should never need to tilt your neck up or down.


To which countries do we ship?

We ship to any corner of the world (customs may levy charges or duties in certain countries) .

How long till I receive my new standing desk?

Once you place your order, your new Humbleworks products usually take 7-10 working days to arrive at your door! We know you’d love to track your Humbleworks' journey, so as soon as we despatch we will send you a tracking number.

Which countries are free shipping options (only standing desk)?

At the moment we offer free shipping to the UK.  

Can I change my delivery address?

We cannot guarantee that once you place you order we are able to change your delivery address. If you need help, call us at +44 7730486546.

Returns & Refunds

Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please email us at or call us at +44 7730486546.

Most orders ship the same day. In the event your order has not shipped, you have 24 hours to notify us of the cancellation.

There are no cancellation fees for standard items canceled before shipment.

If the item has already shipped, it is subject to our standard return policy.

Can I return my product?

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, you can return your item/s within 14 days. Once we have received the product(s) in their original packaging, the refund amount will be measured based on the condition of the product and credited to the payment card account within two weeks.

This does not include return shipping fees. 

Where can I return my product?

For UK and EU orders, please return your product to Unit 3 Low Farm Place, Moulton Industrial Park, Northampton, NN3 6HY, UK.

Please don't ship any items back to us BEFORE you contact us and we approve your return. 

Want to join the community?

We are open to collaborations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you have in mind!

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at