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Working From home – Our M.S.S Method

Working From home – Our M.S.S Method

Working From home – Our M.S.S Method

As we migrate towards an increasingly hyper-connected digital age, remote working is on the rise.

If you’re working from home for the foreseeable future and you’re struggling to stay motivated, or your wellbeing levels are starting to dwindle, we have a method that might help.

Our ‘M.S.S’ method is simple yet effective at helping you to achieve a healthy wellbeing balance, including your physical and mental health.

But first, let’s look at the main barriers to health and wellbeing when working from home.

Common working from home health threats

According to a mix of studies, here are the main factors that affect our health and wellbeing when working from home for extended periods:

  • Forming poor habits: Without the commute and a separation from the home, many remote workers are unable to establish healthy routines. As a result, inconsistent eating times, poor dietary choices, and constant temptation are having a negative impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Work/life lines being blurred: Without physically  going to the office or workplace,  many people find the lines between their home and work life are becoming blurred. This heavy burden can drive down motivation levels, causing a reduction of exercise or physical activity while affecting contentment levels.

  • Inadequate work set up and poor posture: Poorly set up home offices, bad equipment, and confining our bodies to poor posture not only impact motivation levels but are causing long-lasting health issues. 

  • Stay healthy & happy with our ‘M.S.S’ method

    The physical and mental health threats of working from home are very real. Poor  posture,  a decline in productivity, dwindling wellbeing, and a poor balance between our home and work lives can cause health issues including back pain, depression, and more.   

    In addition to establishing a solid routine, optimising our work space and making healthier food choices, our ‘M.S.S’ method will help you remain focused, active, and engaged throughout the day—and it’s simple.

    Here it goes:

    Move: Regular movement will promote good blood circulation, boost metabolism, and help to prevent feelings of sluggishness. Every 30 to 40 minutes, get up, stretch, and take a little walk around for a minute or so. 

    Separate: In addition to moving frequently, twice a day, you should aim to separate yourself completely from your work. By stepping away from your desk and taking a moment to clear your mind, you will feel refreshed, revived, and motivated. Doing this will also give your day a little more balance. Even if you're busy, 20 minutes at a time will do. Go for a stroll outside, cook something up from scratch, play the guitar, have a bath.... the choice is yours. 

    Stand: Research has shown that sitting down for prolonged periods is associated with a range of physical and mental health issues. Humans aren’t designed to sit down all day. So, one of the best things you can do during your work day is STAND UP. Standing up while working will make general movement a little easier and is good for blood flow and posture. Start slowly by standing up for an hour or two a day. As the weeks go by, you can increase the time spent standing up at your desk. 

    Taking a stand...

    By too much sitting still, the body becomes unhealthy, and soon the mind. This is nature’s law."
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1839


    If you’re looking to stay happy, healthy, and motivated when working from home, our ‘M.S.S’ method will help keep you on your toes and maintain motivation levels day after day.

    The most important part of the method is taking a stand. Standing at work can lower your risk of weight gain as well as heart disease, improve you posture, and boost your energy levels.

    At HumbleWorks HQ, we’ve developed a range of sustainably made,  portable standing desks  designed to reduce back pain and optimise your performance. It’s time to take a stand—it’s time to invest in your future. Explore our products including small  standing desks on amazon.

    Get yourself a standing desk, follow our ‘M.S.S’ method, and for further wellness-boosting tips, read our practical guide to fostering good habits & improving your health when working from home.



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