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Our original standing desk design – How it all started

Our original standing desk design – How it all started

Our original standing desk design how it all started

The original standing desk design from HumbleWorks is a masterpiece, but you may be wondering how we came up with the idea. Our design team realised that there had to be a way of having a lightweight, ergonomic, environmentally friendly desk. It also had to be transportable, foldable and look great too. Quite a challenge.

It needed to have open shelving so that laptops and keyboards wouldn’t need to be manoeuvred into place past supports and wiggled back out when it was needed for a meeting. It needed to be adjustable to cater for multiple different heights and it had to be strong enough to support laptops or larger desktop screens.

The cantilever concept for a small standing desk

Enter the concept of the cantilever. Think of balconies sticking out from buildings, or rooms built above carparking spaces and wine bottle holders where the bottle neck is inserted into a hole and sits there. Even bridges utilise the concept of the cantilever.

A cantilever is a beam supported only at one end, with load carried by the overhang in contrast to a simply supported beam, which is supported at both ends. Cantilevers provide a clear space underneath the beam (or in this case the stand up desk shelf) without any supporting columns or bracing for that shelf.

Our design team figured that if you can stand on a balcony, drive your car across a bridge or have a wine bottle holder then it should be possible to somehow support laptops and desktop screens in a similar way.  

Think of the balcony sticking out from your hotel in Spain, or the umbrella shading your table at the barbecue. It is basically a platform sticking out from an upright to which it is attached. As long as the load that’s put on the platform doesn’t exceed the shear force, it won’t collapse.

Resources & sustainability

In addition to the smart design, HumbleWorks wanted it to be environmentally friendly. The solution to this was to use plywood which is a renewable resource. Additionally, it’s manufactured in the UK so carbon footprint from transport is radically reduced.

Standing desks

Standing desks have become more popular in recent times with a survey of HR Managers in the US reporting that the use of standing desks, as an employer provided office perk, had increased by seven percent in 2019. You can download the full document entitled: Executive Summary SHRM Employee Benefits 2019, on the SHRM website. 

The HumbleWorks design goes beyond an adjustable laptop stand for desks and offers employees working from home or the office, the opportunity to improve their general wellness - an easy offer for employers.

Stand up desk ergonomics have multiple health benefits. They allow more calories to be burned giving an energy burst and improving posture while reducing back pain caused by slouching over while seated. An adjustable laptop stand helps with wrist positioning and allows the user to assume a healthy ergonomic position: shoulders back and chin up. Standing, as opposed to sitting improves circulation and boosts mood and focus. 

The HumbleWorks Stan 1 and Stan 2 stand up desks are ideal for working from home, working remotely, or in the office. Have a closer look at them. We’re sure they will work perfectly for your home work space or in the office.




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