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Get Up Podcast - HumbleWorks

Get Up Podcast - HumbleWorks

Have you ever wondered if humans have sought convenience so far to the point that it could actually be damaging us?

 Think about it: we have dishwashers to wash the dishes for us. Washing machines for our clothes. Delivery apps to order food to our doors from the comfort of our own living rooms. And what about online shopping? Within merely half an hour you can treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe without actually having to fit a single item of clothing on. Anything and everything we want, we can have right here, right now, at the touch of a screen, without having to move an inch from the couch.


But is this luxury? Does this level of convenience create for us a freer, happier, more enjoyable life?


Let’s ponder this seriously for a moment: we live in a world where we sit in work for 8 hours a day in order to earn enough money to spend the rest of our lives at home slumped in front of the TV. This sedentary lifestyle is the reality we have created for ourselves. And what are the results? Our bodies aren’t moving enough. Our society is now plagued with issues such as obesity and chronic pain in our backs, necks and shoulders. Life-threatening illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and certain cancers are on the rise. Our mental well-being is under attack too, as we suffer from more depression, anxiety and loneliness than ever before. In short: a life that is detached, unhealthy and largely unenjoyable.


But what if there was a way to convert this kind of lifestyle into one that is active, healthy and happy, without making any radical changes to our daily routine? What if we could get active and enhance our well-being without splashing out on fitness classes and expensive exercise equipment?


At HumbleWorks, we are passionately committed to helping you look out for your own well-being. We want to help you think differently about your life. We are therefore so excited to launch a limited weekly podcast series that will equip you with the tools you need to enjoy a healthier tomorrow.



We are thrilled to be joined by special guest Dr James Levine, author, professor, and internationally renowned expert in obesity and public health. Dr Levine has received over 50 awards in the field of science, has acted as scientific advisor for governments around the globe, and has overseen 34 start-ups. His book ‘Get Up!’, published in 2014, opened its readers’ eyes to the devastating impacts a sedentary lifestyle has on our long-term physical and mental health. In this book, Dr Levine spotlights the importance of N.E.A.T and shows how activating our N.E.A.T is indispensable if we are to break the mould of a sedentary lifestyle.


We are also delighted to have India Pearson as our host. India is a model, yoga teacher, podcaster and presenter. Her passion for well-being paved the way for the ‘Start a Ripple' podcast, where she and guests such as Ben Fogle and Olympian Michelle Griffith Robinson champion the power that moving in nature has for the mind, body, and environment.


Take the first step towards a healthier and happier future by tuning in with India and Dr Levine. Join us every week to discover how small, simple changes to your daily routine will truly transform your life by simply moving your body more.

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