Stan 1 Maple

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Stan1 was specially designed for supporting laptops with screens of up to 15″ on the upper shelf and can support a total weight of up to 5kg.
Wider keyboard shelf available (sold separately).


Dimension of Stan-1 is 48 X 32 X 67 CM (LxWxH)

Stan1 has a base footprint of 310x470mm. The upper laptop shelf is 400 x 218mm, and the lower platform for your keyboard is 475 x 203mm. The rungs in the upright allow you to adjust the height of your monitor and your keyboard to your exact height.


Stan1 is made out of sweet and solid high quality maple, designed in our London studio and made in the UK.


This portable standing desk arrives as a flat pack kit and takes just minutes to assemble, The easiest DIY you’ll ever do. The holders under the shelves will allow you to pack it up or back down in no time for easy storage and portability.
The cutout piece is a phone / tablet holder and slots in like the other shelves.

Why Choose a Stan?

Improve your workspace with our standing desks. They alleviate back pain, improve blood flow to the brain, and boost productivity, backed by scientific research for a healthier workday.

How to Use a Standing Desk

Set up and dismantle our standing desks in seconds by slotting parts in and out. Easily adjust for comfort, promoting better posture and productivity effortlessly and flat-pack it when you want to put it away.

Explore our Range

Discover our standing desks accommodating a wide range of devices, designed to work seamlessly with separate keyboards and mice/trackpads for enhanced comfort and productivity.

Unique Features

Our standing desks and stand out from electric tables by elevating your laptop to eye level for better posture and reducing strain on your back. Unlike setups that encourage hunching, our desks prioritise ergonomic comfort.

Standing Desks for Laptop

Sweet and Smooth Maple

Transformative Mobility

Stan1 is our flagship standing desk designed for laptop users looking to set up shop at a multitude of destinations. It is height adjustable standing desk converter with different slots of the body structure allowing you to adjust each shelf to achieve your ideal posture.

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Posture Perfect Performance

Flat-packable and lightweight, the MapleSweet Standing Desk brings the warmth and resilience of genuine maple wood into your study or office environment. The MapleSweet is your gateway to a healthier, more productive work life.

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Sustainable Sophistication

Made from Sweet and smooth Maple, Stan1 is Eco friendly and incredibly durable and sturdy.

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