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My journey with Stan 2 - Review

My journey with Stan 2 - Review

Hannah Cottrill recently began her journey with our Stan 2. She loves her experience and sent us a beautiful piece on it. 

Read the blog below if you're interested in learning what it's like to start working at a HumbleWorks standing desk. 



“I’m actually trying it out for the first time today – it was delivered on Sat 21st but then I ended up travelling and being away last week more than I planned. So I’ve only managed to assemble it this morning.

What can I say?... well it’s certainly a very solid, well-crafted, stylish piece of kit. All the parts fit together perfectly and it was really straightforward to assemble.

It feels very stable and you can see in the last photo the cables just about fall in front of the raised shelf at the back of my desk. It’s snug but it fits.

In terms of how my kit works with the shelves, it’s pretty much as I anticipated... you can see the laptop fits on the lower shelf, but I can’t open the screen fully to use the built-in camera – it’s only to use only as a keyboard. I do have a separate keyboard (you can probably just see, I’ve tucked it away under the main monitor because it’s not working for some reason!). I also have a separate webcam that can sit on top of the monitor, so that’s the alternative if I can’t use the laptop camera. It’s just the laptop has to be connected as it’s also the hard drive.

In terms of the weight... it’s a fair bit heavier and more substantial than I was expecting! So it won’t be the quickest/easiest to dissemble if I need to switch and go back to my normal desk set-up at times... but the flipside is that it’s very sturdy and stable. Whereas Stan 1 might be a bit too lightweight and the shelves are that bit smaller - which is what we discussed.

So far I’m 2hours in and my back is telling me that something’s definitely different! I can’t keep still on my feet so it must be working!! And it’ll take time to adjust, that’s to be expected for a while.

I’ll give it this week and update you on how I’m fairing. It’s very exciting to try something so different though.”



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