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Movement and Wellbeing Go Hand-in-Hand

Movement and Wellbeing Go Hand-in-Hand

Whether you’re a quick around-the-block jogger or a regular marathon runner, you’ll be well acquainted with ‘runner’s high’: that fantastic endorphin-fuelled feeling that comes post-run. 

Even if you’re not an avid jogger, you will still be aware of the positive effects exercise has on your well-being. For example, getting out of your chair, going for a walk and getting some fresh air after being glued to a desk for hours in the office will clear your head and refresh you physically (Mental Health in the Workplace).

Movement and well-being, as shown clearly in these examples, are inextricably linked. When we move our bodies, we produce hormones that relieve us from pain and enhance our well-being. The great thing is, the type of movement we are talking about here doesn’t have to be an intense 2-hour gym session or a 10-mile run (although these are extremely beneficial to our bodies!). Simple, constant exercises such as walking and standing more during the day are just as effective in getting the blood flowing, improving our well-being, and making us feel more alert and energised.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Physical and mental health are closely connected. So, keep your body active and your mind will also reap the benefits. Some of the benefits of movement include: 

  • Improved blood flow
  • Healthier metabolism
  • Better moods
  • Endorphins release
  • A fitter body means more active fun

The cycle of movement and wellbeing

The human body was designed to move, not sit in a chair all day long. Sitting should be for resting only. When we move, our energy levels increase, our circulation improves, and our sugar levels are balanced out. Spending less time idle during the day will equip us to manage stress a little better, improve our sleep patterns, and elevate our mood. As a result, the better and more energised we feel, the more we will want to move: this is the cycle of movement and well-being.

Check out the NHS website to find out more about the benefits of the movement. Also, be sure to regularly visit our social pages and website for tips on how to get moving and increase your well-being!



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