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Inside the standing desk: Staying Healthy in a remote working world

Inside the standing desk: Staying Healthy in a remote working world

Inside the standing desk for remote working

Standing desks are emerging as the bold, bright future of remote working

More people with sedentary or computer-based jobs are standing up at work—and for good reason. The digital revolution has made working from home not only feasible, but a productive, creative, and cost-effective means of operating across industries. Long-term perks that have, of course, been highlighted by the pandemic.

In this brave new world of remote jobs, people are searching for the ideal workspace. Having a clean, organised, and inspiring space is essential—but without adopting the right posture, remote workers will run into issues pretty swiftly. The kind of issues that affect mental as well as physical health, stunting productivity in the process.

Taking a stand: a sustainable approach to remote working

Returning to standing. Realising that sitting is now considered the new smoking, droves of remote workers (as well as office-based workers) are choosing healthy work environments solutions such as standing up for prolonged periods while working.

Standing up at work offers a wealth of life-long health benefits. Here are the main perks of using a standing desk in the office space:

  1. Reduced risk of weight gain and obesity
  2. Opportunity to exercise and burn calories while working 
  3. Less risk of heart disease
  4. Fewer issues with back pain coupled with increased physical energy
  5. Improved mood and better productivity levels
  6. More chance of living a longer, healthier life

Standing desks are on the rise, designed to help digital natives thrive in a hyper-connected, tech-driven digital age. By taking the stand, you will enjoy happier, healthier working hours.

You are built to be upright: inside the standing desk

The benefits of using a standing desk are undeniable. But, many products out there today are bulky and impractical. As a result, we came up with a solution.

Designed to promote excellent posture and ensure optimal performance, our standing desks sport a sleek, minimalist design that is 100% portable.

Remote working should mean that you’re not confined to one room or location, so we’ve made it possible to pack down and set up our standing desks for flexible work, no matter where you are in the world. 

Once you’ve set up your adjustable work station, you will benefit from focus, better spine positioning, improved muscular engagement, and a safer foot position:

remote working

At HumbleWorks HQ, we know that it’s not good enough to make working sustainable—looking after our planet is vital too.

Our expertly-crafted fully standing desks are completely plastic-free and made with sustainable materials so that working better and living well doesn’t come at a cost to the planet.

I see this all the time with my patients - Chronic Back and Shoulder Pain from Deskbound jobs, hunched over all day.The unique design of the HumbleWorks solves this by having you look straight ahead."—Elizabeth James, Doctor of Chiropractic

Are you ready to take a stand? Explore our latest range of Humbleworks standing desks and reap the rewards of a happier, healthier future of work.

For more mood and productivity-boosting pearls of wisdom, read our essential guide to improving your health & wellbeing when working from home.



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