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How You Can Win BIG This Cyber Monday

How You Can Win BIG This Cyber Monday

Not a huge fan of queueing for hours in the cold November frost for Black Friday bargains? Fed up with the chaos of crowded stores and jam-packed shopping centres? Then Cyber Monday is the thing for you.

This November 28th, grab a cup of coffee, put on your cosiest slippers and hunt for rock-bottom prices in the biggest 24-hour online shopping extravaganza of the year. As online retailers slash prices and offer free shipping on all kinds of products, this could be your chance to save money on household necessities and stock up on Christmas goodies. In light of the sky-rocketing inflation and crippling energy, food and fuel prices, this Cyber Monday could be the biggest one yet.

In this blog, we’ll offer some insider tips on how you can win big this Cyber Monday by nailing those deals and bagging those bargains. We’ll also reveal a special Cyber sale we’ll be holding at HumbleWorks on our products.


How to nail the deals this Cyber Monday

Below, we outline a few different ways you can prepare for Cyber Monday to ensure you are making the most out of what’s on offer. 


  1. Shop as early as possible

Cyber Monday 2022 could be unparalleled in its volume of online traffic, with people more determined than ever to save money on products due to the cost of living. Shopping at inconvenient times, such as in the early hours of the morning, may mean you bag deals that you would otherwise miss out on. You could even check websites before Cyber Monday as some online retailers may offer deals early!


  1. Give yourself a head start by creating online accounts in advance

This one is magic. Creating accounts on your favourite sites, entering your payment details and shipping address now means that when online stores are moving at a snail’s pace on Cyber Monday, you can log on, bag your product, and check-out quickly.


  1. Set a firm budget and stick to it

It’s easy to be swept up in the excitement of a great deal and overshoot your budget. More than this, retailers will employ all sorts of tactics to entice you to spend more! Setting a firm budget now and making a list of exactly what you need will help keep you on track.


  1. Use price comparison tools

Unfortunately, some online retailers are not fully transparent about their discounts, and so many ‘deals’ may be masquerading as spectacular bargains this Cyber Monday. One way to avoid falling victim to dubious pricing claims and bad deals is by using price comparison tools such as PriceGrabber, CapitalOne Shopping and Honey. These allow you to see which retailers are offering the lowest prices on products across a range of companies.

These tips only just scratch the surface: you can find more expert advice on how you can snag the best deals while staying safe online this Cyber Monday here.


HumbleWorks Cyber Sale

If you want to make this Cyber Monday truly count, then take a look at the HumbleWorks website, where we will be offering 20% off on all of our products.

With our expertly-crafted, ergonomically-engineered and visually-stunning standing desks, you can wave goodbye to the days of back pain and sluggish, uncomfortable shifts at the office. Whether you're grinding down in a vibrant Shoreditch coffee spot or freelancing from a beach hut on the Phi Phi Islands, we will have something just for you. What better time is there than this Cyber Monday to stand up for your wellbeing (literally) by investing in a HumbleWorks standing desk?

At HumbleWorks, we don’t believe in employing underhand tactics or manipulating our customers to get ahead. We care deeply about our clients and their wellbeing, so you can rest in the certainty that you are getting a trustworthy, long-lasting product at a truly discounted price. We also offer free shipping to the UK when you purchase a standing desk and are happy to look at processing a refund if there is an issue with your order (view our return policy here).

This Cyber Monday, unlock the door to a healthy, happy, comfortable future with one of our discounted stand-up desks: you’ll never look back again.



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