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How to reduce business costs with a standing desk

How to reduce business costs with a standing desk

The virtues of being vertical (or ‘taking a stand’) in the workplace

Investing in standing desks is likely to drive down business costs and help you get ahead of the pack. Here we’re going to discuss how.

If you don't have standing desks in your workplace, you will miss out on a wealth of business-boosting advantages—keeping in mind that a successful company has happy employees and happy clients.

A healthy & happy workforce

Since 64% of adults in the UK are categorised as overweight or obese, physical health is the biggest factor in why workplace well-being is so important.

Physical health and general well-being have a substantial effect on absenteeism, which costs many businesses a lot of money every year. Plus, maintaining decent levels of fitness and strength results in a sharper memory, which speeds up learning and leads to increased mental endurance.

Attraction and retention

Companies that focus on wellness initiatives tend to see significant gains in employee recruitment and retention. They attract the right talent and hold onto the individuals that are most valuable to the business.

When it comes to luring top clients, wellness initiatives sets business apart from their competitors by providing their personnel with extra advantages, like well-crafted standing desks. Doing so also boosts brand reputation.

Endurance & efficiency

According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, portable standing desks can cut inactive time by more than three hours per week, boost energy and well-being while reducing weariness and appetite.

Another Texas A&M University study revealed that using wooden stand-up desks enhanced productivity by 46% compared to peers who didn't. Plus, these individuals reported feeling less confined by their office jobs.

Taking a stand: the path to success

Despite the fact that encouraging employees to be physically active can have plenty of positive effects on a company, we must point out that exercise alone cannot make up for the risks of prolonged sitting.

If jobs require employees to spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, this could start to have a negative impact on their health, especially if they don't make time for exercise and healthy nutrition.

Along with growth plans and achieving essential organisational goals, well-being is no longer merely a "good to have".

The fact is: You can't expect your staff to take care of your business, or your customers, if you don't take care of them first. Since ignorance is contagious, upper management has the huge responsibility to lead by example. It’s true that many businesses now take wellness initiatives seriously (and rightly so). Welcome to a bold new age.

“Once you get used to using a standing desk, there’s just no going back- now I can stand for hours on end, and sometimes have to remind myself to give my legs a break. I feel restless and lethargic if I have to sit down all day.”  Rachel Krantz, Senior Features Editor, Bustle


There’s no denying, promoting a more vertical approach in your workplace will accelerate your commercial success while helping you to retain your most valuable talent. The time to take a stand is now: welcome to the revolution.


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