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Height: Workstation Tall
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Best suited for modern professionals in diverse work environments, our Stool was engineered for dynamism and support. Whether utilised at standing desks, the Workstation, collaborative workspaces, home offices, or creative studios, its adaptive design encourages natural movement between sitting and perching positions. This promotes optimal posture, reduces strain, and supports active workstyles.


Our Stool is available in two convenient sizes, offering flexibility to suit different workspace configurations. Choose between the 50cm and 60cm height options to perfectly complement your standing desk, workstation, or any other setup. Whether you prefer a slightly lower or higher seating position, both sizes provide optimal support and comfort for prolonged use.


The Stool is made from premium materials such as sturdy birch plywood, chosen for its durability and sustainability. The seat features a soft cover for comfort during prolonged sitting sessions. Each component is selected to ensure robustness and aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly into various workspace settings.


Assembly of our Stool is designed to be simple and intuitive, requiring minimal effort and no specialised tools. Start by positioning the legs upright and securing them firmly. Next, place the seat on top and secure it by slotting it securely into place. Finally, insert the parallel wooden parts into their designated slots on the seat.

Why Choose the Stool?

When seeking a seating solution for your standing desk or workstation, our Stool excels with its ergonomic design, premium materials, and dynamic functionality, promoting health and supporting active movement.

How to Use the Stool

Simply sit on it to experience personalised comfort as it conforms to your body shape, or perch on it to engage your core muscles, fostering active sitting for increased alertness and productivity.

Explore the Stool

Our Stool is a dynamic seating solution made from premium birch plywood with a contoured seat. It supports healthy posture and active sitting, ideal for standing desks and diverse workstation settings.

Unique Features

Our Stool features a tilting and contoured seat that adapts to your body, promoting ergonomic support and comfort. Its versatile design allows for both sitting and perching, encouraging movement.

The Stool - Meet the Future of Work

Engineered for dynamic comfort, our Stool adapts to your body's natural contours, promoting healthy movement between sitting and perching positions. It represents a healthier approach to work with a seat designed to support optimal posture and encourage active sitting, for productivity, dynamism and well-being throughout your day.


Designed to promote dynamic sitting habits, our Stool activates orexin release in the brain, increasing alertness and productivity throughout your workday. By seamlessly transitioning between sitting and perching positions, the stool encourages natural movement and supports optimal posture, keeping you engaged and energised.

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Adaptive Seat

The seat is designed to dynamically and intelligently adjust to your body's movements, providing unparalleled support and ergonomic benefits. Whether you prefer sitting upright or leaning forward in a perched position, the Adaptive Seat effortlessly accommodates your needs, promoting healthy posture and reducing strain. Its responsive design ensures optimal comfort throughout long work sessions, making it ideal for modern workplaces that prioritise flexibility and well-being.

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The Office Finale

This elegant addition completes your office environment, blending seamlessly with any décor. It is designed with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials, the Stool exudes professionalism and style. Whether paired with a standing desk, the Workstation or integrated into a collaborative workspace, its versatile design ensures every corner of your office reflects refined aesthetics and optimal functionality.

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