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Leather Colour: Gray
Circular Rest Material: Oak
Trim Style: Natural
Best suited for

The Rochestor is ideal for professionals needing enhanced posture and comfort during work hours, commuters seeking stability on the move, and business travellers transforming spaces into productive workstations. Remote workers benefit from its ergonomic design, elevating laptops to eye level to reduce neck and shoulder strain while providing optimal wrist positioning for typing. Its compact, portable design ensures easy setup in any environment, supporting productivity wherever you work.


The Rochestor accommodates both 13” and 15” Apple laptops, providing a secure fit and stable platform for your device. Its lightweight design ensures easy portability without compromising on durability, making it convenient to carry and set up in various work environments.


Rochestor embodies luxury with its meticulous craftsmanship from birch wood, adorned with accents of Sapele, Walnut, or Oak for a sophisticated finish. Its exterior is elegantly wrapped in vegan leather, providing a luxurious feel and ethical appeal. Inside, a plush, soft protective lining ensures your laptop remains secure and cushioned, offering practicality in a premium portable workstation.


Using the Rochestor is effortless. When folded, it securely houses your laptop with a magnetic closure, ensuring it stays protected during transport. To set up your workstation, unfold the Rochestor to reveal a beautifully crafted platform and bring your laptop to eye level for comfortable viewing and typing. When it's time to move on, the Rochestor closes smoothly, maintaining its sleek profile and ensuring your laptop remains safe and stylish wherever you go.

Why Choose the Rochestor?

Rochestor leads in portable ergonomics. Ideal for health-conscious professionals, it blends style, functionality, and sustainability perfectly for mobile workspaces.

How to Use the Rochestor

Open your Rochestor, take your laptop out and unfold it to transform any space into a comfortable workstation. Adjust for optimal posture and productivity on the go.

Explore the Rochestor

Rochestor is a premium laptop riser and carry case, crafted from wood and vegan leather. It includes a soft, protective interior and a sustainable laptop cooler.

Unique Features

Rochestor’s modular design offers customisable colours, for aesthetic appeal and ergonomic support. Stand out with its sophisticated look and functional versatility.

The Rochestor - Meet the Future of Work

Introducing the Rochestor: a sophisticated fusion of laptop riser and carry case. Made from premium woods and sustainable leather, it enhances your laptop for ergonomic comfort and stylish protection. It elevates your device for optimal viewing, wherever your journey takes you, for elegance and practicality in one.

Transformative Mobility

Experience the freedom to work anywhere without sacrificing comfort or productivity. The Rochestor’s lightweight, portable design ensures you can set up an ergonomic workspace in any environment, transforming how and where you work. Join a community of modern professionals who refuse to be confined by traditional workspaces.

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Posture Perfect Performance

Prioritise your health with the Rochestor. Designed to promote an upright posture, it helps reduce back pain, neck strain, and overall discomfort. Embrace a healthier lifestyle that enhances both your well-being and productivity, endorsed by experts for its ergonomic benefits.

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Sustainable Sophistication

Stand out with the Rochestor’s sophisticated design, made from premium wood and vegan leather. Available in customizable colours, it’s not just a tool, but a statement of your commitment to sustainability and style. Elevate your workspace with a product that’s as refined as it is functional.

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