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Standing Desks: The Future of Remote Working
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Standing Desks: The Future of Remote Working

In the digital, hyper-connected age we currently find ourselves in, more and more people are making the bold move into remote working. 

Indeed, the digital revolution has not only made working from home feasible, but a productive, efficient, cost-effective means of operating across industries. You needn’t look further than the pandemic to see that this is true. 

But alongside the clear-cut benefits of remote working, it is not without pitfalls. As more people seek to set up ideal workspaces from the kitchen or study, issues such as poor posture, backache and joint pain are on the rise. The danger is, the longer we leave to confront these problems, the more they will take their toll on our wellbeing and productivity. 

Enter the standing desk: the bold, bright future of remote working. 

Taking the stand: the virtues of being vertical

It’s widely accepted nowadays that sitting is the new smoking. It’s therefore not surprising that remote as well as office-based workers in their droves are opting for healthier work choices such as standing while working.

Standing desks will help you thrive in this hyper-connected, tech-driven world by allowing you to work productively while enjoying a wealth of life-long health benefits. Here are the main perks of using a standing desk in the office space:

  1. Reduced risk of weight gain and obesity
  2. Opportunity to exercise and burn calories while working 
  3. Lower risk of heart disease
  4. Fewer issues with back and joint pain
  5. Increased physical energy
  6. Improved mood, better focus and higher levels of productivity
  7. Greater chance of living a longer, healthier life

HumbleWorks standing desks: the sustainable solution to remote working 

While the benefits of using a standing desk are indisputable, you might be put off by how bulky and impractical some appear to be. Luckily, at HumbleWorks, we came up with the perfect solution for you. 

We believe that remote working should not confine you to a single room or location. Our expertly-crafted desks are therefore ergonomically designed for great posture and 100% portable, giving you the freedom to work wherever you want, safe in the knowledge that you are helping your posture.

 I see this all the time with my patients - chronic back and shoulder pain from deskbound jobs, hunched over all day. The unique design of the HumbleWorks standing desk solves this by having you look straight ahead."—Elizabeth James, Doctor of Chiropractic

At HumbleWorks HQ, we know that simply making work sustainable is not enough: it’s also vital we look out for our planet. Our sleek, minimalist desks are therefore completely plastic-free and made with sustainable materials so that working better and living well doesn’t come at a high environmental cost.

Are you ready to take a stand? Explore our latest range of HumbleWorks standing desks today and look forward to a happier and healthier tomorrow. 

For more tips on how to boost your mood and productivity levels, read our essential guide to improving your health & wellbeing when working from home.



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