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Comme présenté dans GQ, Cosmopolitan, Independent & Financial Times classé "Meilleur convertisseur de bureau debout"

We offer collection of standing desk, standing desk converter, sit stand desk, height adjustable standing desk, desktop riser, laptop riser, dual monitor riser and many other products to improve your work experience
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Setting the Record Straight: Addressing Concerns About Our Stan 2
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Setting the Record Straight: Addressing Concerns About Our Stan 2

At Humbleworks, every product we design, every piece we ship, carries with it a piece of our heart. We're more than just a brand; we're a community-driven by good posture, health, and the idea that our products can genuinely uplift lives, both physically and metaphorically. This is why every customer's voice, every review, resonates deeply with us.

Understanding Reviews and Their Importance to Humbleworks

Reviews are the mirrors reflecting our dedication and hard work. They are essential not just as testimonials, but also as continuous feedback loops. We relish feedback, positive or otherwise, because it sharpens our vision and helps us craft better solutions. The sincerity and authenticity of reviews are paramount. They help future customers make informed decisions and they push us to incessantly innovate and improve.

Addressing a Stan 2 Review: Unpacking the Facts

J.O.'s (full name not disclosed) feedback on our Stan 2 has prompted us to clarify some aspects about our product and shipping process. We wish to shed light on a few key points:

  1. Double-Tape on Packages: Our commitment to delivering top-notch products extends to our packaging. We want to ensure the product reaches you undamaged, especially when shipping outside the UK. Using double-tape is a standard protocol, ensuring added security. This might give the appearance of a box being resealed, but it is solely to guarantee that your product remains intact during its journey to you.

  2. The "Production Defect" is Intentional Design: J.O.'s observation about a "wood cut out in a wrong position" stems from a misunderstanding. This feature is a deliberate design element that allows the shelves to slot perfectly when the standing desk is flat-packed. It’s not a defect; it’s innovation :) The design has been carefully curated to offer users ease of assembly and unmatched stability.

  1. Attempts at Clarification: Our ethos dictates that every concern is addressed immediately and comprehensively. Since reading J.O.'s review, we've made numerous attempts to contact him across various platforms - from Amazon to emails and phone calls, but to no avail. We genuinely hope to speak with him directly and offer clarity.

  2. Sustainability at Humbleworks: The "carton" J.O. mentioned is our box crafted from protective board. This choice isn’t arbitrary. Our commitment to the environment means that we select materials that are not only robust but also sustainable, upholding the standards we passionately believe in.

In Conclusion

Misunderstandings happen. But they offer us an opportunity to connect, educate, and grow together.

To all our customers, present and future, we urge you to reach out with any query or concern. Let's understand, innovate, and elevate together. After all, at Humbleworks, we don’t just stand for good posture; we stand by our community, every step of the way.



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