We recently launched our very own podcast, ‘Get Up’, where every week, our host India Pearson is joined by world-renowned health expert Dr James Levine.

In this podcast, India and Dr Levine explore the ways we can build an active, healthy and happy lifestyle without radically altering our daily routines and without emptying our bank accounts into state-of-the-art exercise equipment.


We have the pleasure to have Dr James Levine as our special podcast guest who offers insight into the science behind standing and its effects on our lives.  

James A. Levine MD PhD, is president of Fondation Ipsen, Paris, and a Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.

Levine is an international expert on obesity. His research has focused on Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) and approaches to help people become more active, decrease cardiovascular risk and become healthier. He has developed multiple body-worn devices that measure physical activity and caloric intake, the treadmill desk and a variety of office & school solutions to promote NEAT.

He’s authored both “Move A Little Lose A Lot” and “Get Up!” as well as more than 200 scientific articles.

James’ talk

The Fidget Factor: the remarkable ability of our tiniest movements to keep us fit

Professor James Levine discovered the Fidget Factor which is why people move. His 50 years of research proved that excess sitting is dangerous.

Dr Levine, the authorithy behind standing and our standing desks, will deliver a talk at TedX Manchester on the 4th of March and will teach us how to engage our fidget factors, move at will, drop pounds and be healthier and happier.


The Podcast - What to expect & Where to listen

Series 1

The first episode is an introduction to our podcast, the health issues caused by prolonged sitting and how and when they started. Then we'll start learning about NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and its role in controlling weight. We’ll also learn what that Chair Curse is and how to join the standing revolution.

Do you want to learn how to make a change in your life? Listen to find out.

Series 2

Based on Jim’s research, work, and findings, we’ll discuss the health Issues caused by Sitting down and the reliance on our chairs. We’ll also discuss the path we may be taking, for the sake of convenience, towards a dystopian future. Together, we'll explore the solution to end all sedentariness.

And finally, we’ll discuss Sitting vs Standing.

Series 3

Here we’ll run through a few practical steps that you can take to get up, increase your NEAT and live a healthier lifestyle. We’ll also gain an understanding of how to set a ‘war plan’ to change our habits and mindset. We'll aslo look at the tools, methods, and ways to implement our plan.

Finally, we’ll see why play and creativity are so important to our well-being and daily lives.

Why Standing?

Our stand-up desks are adjustable, keeping you upright and your screen at eye level at all times.

Now you can steer clear of Upper Crossed Syndrome, face your screen with your chin up, and assume your true Power Stance.

Find out more by listening to our Podcast.