About us

The team

HumbleWorks is a design collective founded on the notion that working and well-being aren't mutually exclusive. The average person spends around 12 years of his or her life working, and we strive to make that time as comfortable, healthy, and as inspiring as humanly possible.

We live to design and produce minimalist, portable, ergonomic pieces that will improve your well-being that you can pack up and take with you anywhere in the world. Whether you're grinding down in a busy Shoreditch coffee shop or emailing from a shack in the middle of the Himalayas, you'll benefit from a healthy, comfortable working experience - you'll look good too.

As a group of busy individuals that are always on the go, we decided to pool our talents to enhance the physical well-being of those who sit down for long periods while making their living.

Shay, Founder and Product Designer

Shay has a background in sustainable product
design and worked in this sector for over 10 years,
and also has a background in renewable
energy and entrepreneurship.

Magda Rejmoniak - Head of Marketing

Magda has a background in Fashion Industry
and has a passion for all things creative. She's worked
in Marketing and Sales in Warsaw, New York
and London in the past 5 years.

Our name

HumbleWorks has a dual meaning. Firstly, being humble makes us more personable and accessible to the community we wish to serve. Secondly, the range we work so hard to create is humble by nature. We strive to produce clean, minimalist design concepts and our name sums up our mission perfectly.

Our Fabrication Process

We work with wood because it is warm, its natural and it is far more sustainable than metal or most polymers. As we strive to source everything local and we work with processes that include rapid and CNC cutting with local manufacturers.