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Get Into the Swing of Studying: Standing Desks for Students
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Get Into the Swing of Studying: Standing Desks for Students

Do you sit too much? 

Between lectures, tutorials, library sessions, eating, pubbing, driving and taking it easy on the couch, it’s easy to spend a full waking day on a chair during your university days. 

But according to research, this kind of lifestyle is highly damaging to your health and wellbeing in the long run. From chronic back ache and low mood to obesity and blood clots, excessive sitting invites a whole host of health issues that can threaten us in the future.

At HumbleWorks, your wellbeing is important to us. This is why we have developed a range of ergonomically-engineered standing desks that will safeguard your posture and help you avoid the perils of a sedentary lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll see how a standing desk will help you flourish during your university days. 

How can a standing desk help with studying?

Standing has immense benefits to our minds and our bodies. Let’s take a look:

  • Standing and the mind
  • Did you know that sitting at a desk has been proven to be less productive than standing? 

    When we stand, our bodies are more alert and ready for action which, in turn, raises our concentration levels. Additionally, standing facilitates blood circulation, meaning our brains receive more oxygen, enhancing creativity and increasing productivity by up to 46%. As well as oxygen, our brains are also flooded with mood-enhancing substances which will make us feel brighter.

  • Standing and the body
  • Good posture is paramount to a healthy body: it is the ultimate aim of our standing desks to ensure exactly this. With the Stan 1 and Stan 2 desks, you can wave goodbye to the days of painful slouching. These desks position your keyboard at elbow-level and your screen at eye-level, allowing you to keep upright with shoulders back and chin up: a natural, comfortable, ergonomic stance. Check out this blog to find out more about the lifelong benefits of good posture. 

    Your posture matters 

    Good posture should matter to everyone. However, students typically have the advantage of being younger, meaning they haven’t endured decades of slouching at a desk and slipping into bad habits. By getting into the swing of working with a standing desk now, it will seem like second nature when you begin working full-time. 

    Transitioning from the conventional sit-down desk to a standing one is actually much easier than you may think. Standing at your desk for the first time feels quite liberating, exciting even! We guarantee that the first time you try standing while working, you’ll feel more energised, more comfortable, and able to concentrate better.

    Train your body to adopt a good posture now, and you will safeguard yourself from back pain and other chronic health issues in the future.

    ‘’A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.’’ - Morihei Ueshiba



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