As Stan1's big brother, Stan2 boasts the same great features as our smaller standing desks but with wider and thicker shelves for supporting iMacs, desktops, screens of up to 27″ and a total of 10kg.

We made Stan2 from high-quality 24mm birch plywood. It is lightweight, simple to set up and pack away, portable, and designed to promote good posture while boosting your productivity.

    Stan2 was specially designed for supporting desktops and screens of up to 27″ on the upper shelf and can support a total weight of up to 10kg. It has wider shelves than Stan1 making it suitable for two small screens or an iMac in the upper shelf.
    The standing desk has a base footprint of 570x600mm. The upper shelf (for monitors or laptops) is 600 x 270mm, and the lower shelf for the keyboard and mouse is 600 x 350mm. The different slots of the body structure allows you to adjust the height of each shelf for improving your posture.
    Height adjustable standing desk converter designed in our London studio and crafted in small batches in the UK. A cantilever mechanism balances its sleek hourglass form, it is made out of solid and high quality 24mm birch plywood.
    Stan2 arrives as a flat pack kit and takes seconds to assemble! The easiest DIY you’ll ever do, you will only need to screw in the 2 holdersthat come separately in the package to the under surface of the shelves. The holders in the shelves will allow you to pack it up back downin no time for easy storage and portability. Please note that placing the holders is not mandatory since they only serve the purpose of holding the shelves if you want to fold the standing desk.