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Buyer’s guide: 8 things to consider when buying your first standing desk.

Buyer’s guide: 8 things to consider when buying your first standing desk.

So you've decided enough is enough and you won’t take it sitting down anymore but decided to work from a standing desk.

Great but what do you look for, how much should you pay, should it be sustainably designed? Not to worry we’re here to help…. 

Here is a list of 8 things that will help when considering buying a standing desk, we’ve listed them in descending order to outline the most important.

  1. Budget

As standing desks are an excellent investment for your long-term health and wellness, we’re placing ‘budget’ with least importance. Height adjustable desks alone could set you back from £200 to £3000. If you’re tight on cash and none of these fits your budget, consider a retrofitted standing desk converter.

  1. Weight capacity

Not all standing desks are designed to hold the average laptop and desktop. If your standing desk is expected to do some heavy lifting, remember to check the maximum weight the standing desk can hold.

  1. Ease of assembly and user-friendly

Some standing desk requires a simple one-off installation while others may need complicated mounting. Alternatively, a retrofitted standing desk that may be collapsed and stowed away is usually excellent for hot desking or space-saving when it's not in use. Depending on your needs, choose the standing desk that offers you the most flexibility.

  1. Work surface

If you’re the messy co-worker that the entire office is aware of or require multiple large screens, be sure to check the available work surface the standing desk offer.

  1. Warranty

Avoid purchasing cheap standing desk substitutes that don't offer a warranty. Warranty periods for quality standing desks vary greatly; a good quality desk would come with at least three years of warranty. In case you’re wondering, HumbleWork offers five years warranty on all of our products!

  1. Material and quality/durability

Warranty duration usually depends on the number of intricate parts the standing desk has and also the material strength of which the standing desk is made from. Cheap plastic would have a shorter product lifespan as compared to its metal or wood counterparts. You wouldn’t trust a structurally unsound standing desk to hold your $2000 computer. The material that gives you the best value for your dollar would be good old sustainable wood.

  1. Versatility, maximum and minimum height

Apart from its core functionality, some standing desks offer additional functions such as built-in speakers. More importantly, it is essential to check the height adjustment range of the standing desk to best suit your ergonomic needs.

  1. Ergonomics

Lastly, we consider the most critical factor when buying your standing desk as posture, after all this is what you are primarily looking to address. 

A height adjustable 'Standing desk' does not comply with our ergonomic needs. Although it raises your laptop, you will soon find yourself standing bent over looking down at the screen. This exacerbates upper cross syndrome. An ideal standing desk allows you to work comfortably facing straight ahead.

Hope you’ve gathered all the information you need to purchase your first standing desk. Feel free to send across any queries and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Happy standing!














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